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Experience the legends of the vikings, facts about history and rich archaeological findings

Lejre was the royal seat and center of power during the late iron age and in the Viking age

Not just for a single king or a short period of time, but for more than 500 years

Excavations throughout the last three decades has painstakingly added new pieces to the overall picture which clearly shows the great impact the dynasty of Lejre has had on the history of Denmark

On the webpage, you can find information about contact and opening hours, so you can plan your next visit to Lejre Museum



This silver-figurine found at the excavations in Lejre shows the mythological god Odin, sitting on his chair with two ravens by his side.

The finding of the figurine gives us a unique insight into how religion and power was practiced in Lejre during the Viking age.

You can experience the Odin-figurine among other rich archaeological findings in the exhibition at Lejre Museum.


January – march: Closed; except for week 8 monday – sunday 11 am – 4 pm

April – october: Tuesday – Sunday 11 am – 4 pm, as well as mondays in week 14, 22, and 42, 11 am – 4 pm

1.11 – 31.12: Closed


Adults: 60 kr.

Groups (min. 15 pers.): 50 kr. pr. pers.

Age 0-17 år: Free


Lejre Museum
Orehøjvej 4B
4320 Lejre
T: +45 46 31 65 37

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